Mill Race Folk

MarisaJack&Davy started Mill Race Folk in the summer of 2015. Our aim is to create an intimate, cosy acoustic folk night with the best folk artists from around the country. Shows are held in various locations around Bedford. Some are traditional music venues, others are in rather strange and unusual places. Please contact us for more details.



Saturday 31st March 2018Stick In the Wheel At Bedford Esquires Tickets £12

Stick In the Wheel 13/06/15

Precision folk with anger, lust & blood” The Guardian
Known for Kearey’s fierce, authentic delivery, this is culturally & politically switched on folk with roots embedded in working-class heritage.  They examine rituals & cycles, our inherent power to change ourselves & the world around us, the past repeating itself, ghosts & death, land & place, thieves & beggars.

Saturday 14th April 2018 – Mill Race Folk Social with Gemma Khawaja  At The Star Rowing Club, Bedford.


Our more traditional folk night with floor spots and a bit more opportunity to chat and drink. Do you know any folk songs? We would love to hear them from anyone who is interested! Or just come and relax, listen and meet new people.

We’re lucky to have Gemma Khawaja performing for us.  She’s based in Norfolk and plays traditional songs of the British Isles. Her voice is warm and powerful. Her delivery is self-assured and captivating. Gemma was the 2013 winner of Islington Folk Club’s Trad2Mad competition. Food and drink will be available by Rachel and team at The Star Food Co. Entry is £5 for listeners, and £3 for performers

Saturday 5th May 2018 -Anna and Elizabeth At Moot Hall, Elstow Bedfordshire. Tickets £16

anna-elizabethSublime genre-bending storytellers from The USA. Widely loved for their moving minimalist arrangements, the duo present old songs & stories to modern audiences. Their new album, ‘The Invisible Comes to Us’ is released on Smithsonian Folkways on 30th March 2018. We are so fortuneate to have them at Mill Race Folk this season. Seriously, they are not to be missed!


Thursday 14th June 2018 – Bryony Griffith & Will Hampson on The John Bunyan Community Boat

Bryony Griffith & Will Hampson 10/10/2015

We’re so happy to have Bryony and Will back at Mill Race Folk with the first FOLK ON THE BOAT on The John Bunyan Community Boat. Expect powerful vocals, deliciously rustic fiddle playing and driving yet sensitive box playing. They have a distinctive repertoire of dark ballads, chorus songs and dance tunes all delivered with good-humoured Yorkshire banter.
Book a ticket and visit the John Bunyan Boat website by clicking here