Marisa Jack & Davy

The Hosts of Mill Race Folk

Bedford based folk trio MarisaJack&Davy formed in 2015 in order to play at the DIY shows and house concerts they were organising. A floor spot for Stick in the Wheel’s folk night on The Golden Hinde encouraged them to further explore British folk music and they were soon seduced by the music of Shirley Collins, The Young Tradition and Nic Jones.


MarisaJack&Davy’s unconventional interpretation of the tradition is shaped by the harmonic blend of their three unique voices, acoustic guitar styles and their music backgrounds. Marisa Straccia is an illustrator and plaintive finger picking guitarist, Davy Willis a singer and artist from Tonbridge via L.A. and Jack Sharp, best known as singer for psych rock band Wolf People.

MarisaJack&Davy run a folk night called Mill Race Folk, a unique and intimate acoustic folk night, which acts as an inspiration and platform for experimenting with traditional songs. Shows are held in various locations around Bedford including an 18th century watermill, a museum, a community boat and a 15th century timber-framed market hall.

Through Mill Race Folk they have shared the stage with Martin CarthyJohn Kirkpatrick and The Askew Sisters. MarisaJack&Davy are using the opportunity to learn straight from the people who sing folk songs and are sharing these discoveries via their podcast.

The trio are currently recording in Bromham, Bedfordshire and continuing to host the Mill Race Folk podcast and Mill Race Folk events in Bedford.

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